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Responsibility - Reliability - Professionalism - Humanism - Love for animals
PetsFlyingHome is a leading company in the field of international transport of live animals.
The company is a part of Bivas Bros LTD group operating over 60 years in the field of international freight forwarding.

We have shipped nearly all types of animals anywhere in the world always placing their wellbeing on top of all interests. Our transport and veterinary experts will gladly accompany you during the entire transport process to ensure you and your pet will enjoy the most pleasant flight experience. 
Very important!!!
The company carries out its activities and provides transportation as a primary source rather than through
We work directly with airlines and various organizations in Israel, including our international
network of agents throughout the world who have a proven working relationship regularly.
In the United States We provide services through our offices in: New York, Los Angeles.


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3 Mikunis St, Tel-Aviv 6777212 P.O.B. 2820, T-A 6102701.Israel | Tel: 972-3-5176477 | Fax: 972-3-5164682 | Email: info@bivasbros.com | Regulations
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